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What you get - Homeschool of America Curriculum

A full set of online textbooks for each course.

Each richly illustrated textbook contains chapter reviews, sets of practice questions, glossaries, and assignments or labs (for science courses).

A full set of student assignments for each course.

These assignments are intended to enhance the student's understanding of the material covered in the textbooks.

A full set of end of course examinations.

Each course includes a separate Final Examination designed to measure the student's mastery level of the course material.

Supplemental reading books for selected courses, such as English.

These supplements contain readings to accompany the textbook.

A parent-teacher's guide for homeschooling.

The guide contains detailed information on homeschooling, including web sites for homeschool organizations and support groups. It is a step-by-step guide for parents to follow, which also includes how to make and use a portfolio, how to add assignments (such as projects and field trips) to supplement the course materials, how to use transcripts, and invaluable information on how to prepare homeschoolers for college admissions.

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